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You probably know The Dereliks from the "A Turn On The Wheel Is Worth More Than A Record Deal" EP from 1995. Here are a bunch of DOPE tracks from 92-93 which were included on their 1994 demo tape. See below an interview with Iz and Dj Hen Boogie. ENJOY!!


Hen, how old are you man and where did you grow up?

"Old enough to know better...Is that fair? HA!

I grew up in a city called San Jose, California.  Actually both me and Iz did.  San Jose is a really big city though and we lived on complete different sides of the city.  I was more in the North East side and Iz was in the South East side.  The chances that we would have ran into each other was pretty slim considering that and that I'm a couple years older than him." Hen Boogie

What were your first experiences of the culture?

"I mean I fell in love with Djing and the music at an age probably at alot younger age than most kids.  I had really supportive parents for the most part when it came to music.  Any money I earned I was at the record store buying records.  I think my first real experience was when I accidentally purchased "Grandmaster Flash on the Wheels of Steel" on 12".  I didn't understand what and how it was making those noises (scratches) but I really fell in love with it right then and there." Hen Boogie

"When I was a kid, I went to some festival and saw this group called the "San Jose Poppers". These dudes was killin it on stage. Black top hats, black bogards, white shirts and gloves. I knew then I was home. The music was crankin, and them boys was on point." Iz

So Iz, when did you and Hen meet?

"So I had been in a couple of Junior High School and High School crews back in the day before Hen and I met. Mainly talent shows and neighborhood freestyle battles. I used to tag along with my step brother, coincidently at the same studio most of the Dereliks records were recorded. I thought I knew all I needed to when we hit the studio. I was wrong. Sessions were lasting 8 hours easy and I'd still have to go back and clean shit up. No pro tools editing then, so if you messed up, even a little, you had to run if from the top. And Boog and our Engineer Bill Williams were perfectionists. Ruff!" Iz

When did you start writing Iz?

"I was always writing in school, algebra, english, history. I wrote all the time but would rarely let anyone hear what I was writing. But me and my boy HP Kadofi would freestyle back in forth all day long. Eventually me in this one cat, I can't even remember his name, was gonna try to form a group and some how we hooked up with B. Walker." Iz

How did you two cats start recording together?

"Shit we just took what we had and went in. Actually I didn't have much at that time. Sort of the starving musician type. I was livin in my other brother's warehouse ( no, shower, no kitchen, no bed) when Boog's mom let me stay there. shit we was off to the races. Everyday, morning, noon and night it was recording, shows, and more recording. If Hen wasn't making beats, he was out a the club, or takin down some chic. I had more beats than any MC could need so I'd just put one in the air and write." Iz

Was Dereliks yours first group?

"My first group was called ATP, All Town Posse. It was me, Dolla, and Fast Drop. Dolla was always a player, he had lyrics. Fast Drop was more of a West Coast MC but he liked whoopin cats asses, I mean he was always ready to go and I was more of the lyricist. We recorded a couple of songs and preformed at a Juneteenth or two but nothin like what was in store for DERE." Iz

"Not at all.  I was in a group with my friend Ed Main called Menace to Society and in another group called Loaded Wax.  We never got further than making demos in different studios though." Hen Boogie

Hen, what are your memories of how you cats met?

"We actually were introduced to each other by the cat named Brian Walker.  I was working at this record store named Star Records and it was really the hub of the music scene in San Jose.  Everybody went there to shop and the guy behind the DJ counter was considered "the man" back then.  I actually took over the DJ counter position right after Peanut Butter Wolf  who worked there too." Hen Boogie

So I was looking for an MC and Brian used to come there all the time.  I asked him and he introduced me to IZ and some other cat he was rapping with who I didn't think was that good.  The funny thing is what impressed me about Iz was he rapped "Sidditty Kitty" to me acapella and I was like we gotta do something.  After that it was a wrap.

And how do you remember recording back then?

"We did it like it was done back then.  We would prepare everything in our minds and on the turntables  what the song was supposed to sound like and then go to a studio to lay it down.  It wasn't like it is now we used to pay $15 an hour which was big money for some broke dudes to get the tracks recorded and it was really a training.  We recorded everything at Studio Venus with our engineer Bill Williams.  He also recorded alot of cats back then but I'm pretty sure we were the champs." Hen Boogie 

So what happened after the 12” dropped?

"Man, it was like the doors opened up and closed all at the same time. I think we were one of the first in our class to drop vinyl. After we did it was as if everyone else could. It was a huge fraternity of undaground crews putin out wax." Iz

"It was weird because we had done 3 demos and then when we did our release with Low Self Discipline it was kind of a validation in some ways but a disappointment in other ways.  I mean it really was a great business card because we got played on the Stretch & Bobbitto show and even Just Blaze when he was a DJ at a skating rink.  So we really got alot of East coast love because the guy behind the release Brandon Himmel was connected and based in New York. 

We definitely got alot of shows out of it and performed with pretty much everybody back then.  You name it man, Brand Nubian, Roots, Fugees, M.O.P., Masta Ace, Onyx, Fu-schnickens, Saafir, everybody..The downside is that no one was really feeling us then or at least we didn;t know they were.  You have to realize this is before the internet was a way of life.  It's hard to imagine that now right?

But really especially in San jose we got no love and little did we know our limited run record was influencing so many people and people globally were feeling us.  We just didn't know.  We didn't see any real profit either.  We would do sold out shows and someone got paid but it definitely wasn't us.  Maybe they wanted us to stay "dereliks" HA!" Hen Boogie

Did you get any offers?

"No, we got close though.  We got flown out to New York to perform for a label (I won't say who) and it was really awkward.  It was like a showcase and there was like 75 people there and a really small stage.  Speech and Aerle Taree from Arrested Development were there and we kind of messed up our chance by coming to the show late.  We just were acting like we were stars before we really arrived.  In retrospect it was better because it gave us an opportunity to meet Brandon in person and we may not have gotten the chance otherwise.  He really let us do the EP like we wanted and gave us the freedom to do it where if we di d it with that label who knows what would have happened." Hen Boogie

"We had offers before the vinyl dropped, but nothin stuck. i think our Fuck the Machine mentality didn't do us any favors." Iz

How come you guys didnt keep recording as Dereliks?

"Well honestly we never stopped recording you just never heard any of it.  Me and iz are still brothers.  Like he's the closest thing I ever had to a brother and I'm happiest knowing that we still are like that and I don't think it would ever change.  But we have so much music we recorded no one heard and it's only because we're both perfectionists that it's never seen the light of day.  Maybe one day it will but I don't see it happening anytime soon.  Who knows though things can change." Hen Boogie


Props to Mad Human from YouTube for putting us on to this demo tape!!!




A1 Conceptualization of....
A2 No Gnus
A3 Siddity Kitty
A4 Travelling in between [Interlude]
A5 A.S.T.A.P.G.O.T.B

B1 In Summer I Fall
B2 Travelling Out [Interlude]
B3 Bug Off [Bonus Track]
B4 I am Record Live in Seattle feat D-Styles [Bonus Track]

All songs produced, written and arranged by One of the Dereliks 1992-1993 except B4 recorded 1995.
B4 recorded live in Seattle, WA featuring D-Styles on turntables.
Overseen by Uncle Travelling Matt despite what others might think...
Photos images by Edward Main for Edward Main Photography. Art by Susan Appe.
All songs courtesy of Low Self Discipline Music BMI



 Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Silver, Blue and White coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Gold, White and Purple coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl




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  "Rahsheed Gray was born in Philadelphia´s West Philly Section,  well-respected for it´s rappers and world class DJ´s like Cash Money,  Schoolly D, Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Steady B, Cool C, DJ Miz and many more of Hip Hop´s Elite.  It was just a matter of time before he began to take interest in the Hip Hop culture surrounding him, starting out by sneaking into basement parties and recording sessions with Brain “ Basun Beats “ Foster,  during the recording of the “Shawn G “ unreleased LP on RCA , which never came out due to his untimely passing in the early 1980`s.  The atmosphere surrounding his death and the music that was produced was very impactful on Rahsheed's rhyme style and method of writing.  After recording only 4 demo tapes , he was offered a deal by Cold Chillin Records supremo Marley Marl.  As he was only 13 and not wanting his education to suffer, his father turned down the deal.  Later in 1988 he formed a group named “ Foul Play" with his life-long friends “Mad Cune" and "Chief Da Sniper"and they began to record what would be the first of many demos tapes for “Stompp Down Records” , home to another well known Philly group "Double Image"  who at the time had a major record deal on NIA, also home to MC Shan.  With the guidance of the label owner and now manager of the group Bob Whiting, the boys were gaining momentum doing shows around the tri-state area and shopping the demos produced by DMC Champion “ DJ Miz" &  Foster.   After many attempts at getting a deal, the group was introduced to Newton Cohen & Zuri Edwards, who would later become the owners of  “Quake City Records “. Shortly after signing with the two , the other members from Foul Play decided to separate, leaving Rahsheed to begin his work with the “ High & Mighty  / Eastern Conference All Stars” in the early 1990´s.  While attending MIT in Boston, Mr. Eon and Milo Berger began a slew of collaborations with Rahsheed , among those would be the “Life I Live” 12" released in 1995.  Not long after, the All-Stars would drop several singles with Baby Blak and Mr. Lish , at the time known as Azz Backwadz. Being on the same record label, coming from West Philadelphia and with small budgets to record separately, it was the perfect idea to join the groups calling it “ Rahsheed & Ill Advised “.      

During the mid to late 90´s the group received a lot of exposure in major trade magazines like the Source receiving many column inches in the  Independent´s Day section and getting plenty of spins from “Strectch & Bobbito” on the East Coast, “The Wake Up Show with Sway & Tek" and DJ Revolution on the West. This led to worldwide exposure through the show and production from Rev, for the single "". After having some moderate success, the group began recoding at Larry Gold´s studio where they became close with the Legendary Roots Crew and DJ Jazz both from South Philadelphia. “Internal Affairs” , the second 12” produced by Dj Jazz and James Poyser ( Eryka Badu, The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Common) would also feature “Black Thought & Mailk B “ on the remix for "".   By this time the group had been offered several major deals and getting heavy rotation on mix radio shows around the country.  Rahsheed was offered a deal by “Joe Nicolo” former Co-owner of RuffHouse Records  (Cypress Hill, The Fugees, Kriss Kross ) on his new label Judgement Records in 1999.  The group would go through trying times , which ultimately led to a split with their management. Before the recording of the his first major LP Rahsheed changed his name to “ Maylay Sparks" for the "Unusual Styles" release on  ReadyRock Records which featured Chief Kamachi & Crush on the B side track  “Imani". The record was named the best independent release of 1999 in an article in Time Magazine. The independent HipHop/vinyl scene was flourishing and they continued to drop several singles on Bronx Science. Judgement soon folded, leaving Rahsheed once again in search of a home for the music. 

That search took him to Europe on tour, then the signing with Rapster Records in Germany for his debut and first internationally marketed LP “ GrayMatter” in 2004.  Since then he has release several well-received projects , “The Ill Collabo” , released in 2005 on HotShit/Sony , “Flaskworthy “ 2007 Soulspazm Recs, "Fortuneteller Truck Driver" in 2010 , following up with “Shotgun Wedding “ in 2012,  “Spit On It Ep “ in 2013 , and now the release of “ Born to Use Mic´s", the long-awaited Rahsheed & Ill Advised unreleased studio album from 1996-1998 , a lost treasure from the  early days of quality, innovative and simply banging Rap Music."



A1 Tracking Room
A2 On The Rise
A3 Wake Bake Records
A4 Break It Down feat Foul Play

B1 Born To Use Mics feat High & Mighty
B2 Late Night Mixing
B3 Chinese Food
B4 Studio A


A1 & B3 produced by The LG Experience. A2, A3 & B2 produced by DJ Jazz. A4 produced by DJ Miz.
B1 produced by DJ Mighty Mi. B4 produced by Kaos and Malory.

Props to Olie Sung for the dope artwork!!!



 Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on White, Orange and Red coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Clear, White and Purple coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl








CHOPPED HERRING RECORDS welcomes to the label, the dopest new act outta NYC



Following on from the debut vinyl releases of Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Timeless Truth, Epidemic, Da Buze Bruvaz and uMaNg we have this, the jewel in the 2014 Herring crown. B-Boys and B-Girls, we present for you... Your Old Droog.

Famed for so-called experts being convinced he was Nasty Nas in disguise, this Coney Island MC & artist has reeped valuable column inches in high and low brow publications alike. From The New Yorker, to NY Times, The Guardian to MTV [it's not for us to say which ones are high and which are low!!], dude has been makin headlines cause, he sounds like what every true Hip Hop head wishes Nas still sounded like - a huge compliment, no less. Last week when Nas was asked by MTV what he thought of the Your Old Droog situation, he conveniently forgot he knew anything about the whole saga, speaking volumes [up to 11] in the process and keeping the hardcore Hip Hop consipracy theorists salivating. Nas or not [not!], Droog killed it with his debut EP produced by himself and the extremely dope RTNC [famed for his beats for Timeless Truth, among others]. What we have here for the heads is the 2xLP which is comprised of the full EP plus 4 extra tracks,  the full EP instrumentals and a sick bonus white label 12" with 3 extra tracks and 2 insts. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!




Y.O.D - Your Old Droog 2xLP



A1 Quiet Storm Interlude
A2 Bad to the Bone
A3 Nutty Bars
A4 Loosey In The Store With Pennies

B1 Good Times Are Hard To Come By These Days
B2 Droog's Anthem
B3 Gunsmoke Cologne

C1 U47
C2 You Know What Time It Is [Extended Version]
C3 Bye Outro
C4 Loosey In The Store With Pennies [Remix]

D1 On the News
D2 Boofanickoregs
D3 The 70's

All songs produced by EL RTNC & Droog except C1 & C2 produced by EL RTNC, DJ Skizz & Droog and D2 & D3
produced by EL RTNC.
Scratches on B2 by DJ Skizz.
All songs mixed and recorded by DJ Skizz at the
Mathematics Lab.


Y.O.D - Your Old Droog Instrumentals EP



A1 Bad To The Bone
A2 Nutty Bars
A3 Loosey In The Store With Pennies
A4 Good Times

B1 Droogs Anthem
B2 Gunsmoke Cologne
B3 U47
B4 You Know What Time It Is (Extended Version)



Bonus White Label 12"



A1 Free Turkey
A2 Free Turky Instrumental

B1 Senseless Killin
B2 Senseless Killin Instrumental
B3 The Dustiest




Peep it:


Here are the details:

175 x  Your Old Droog 2xLP + Instrumental EP BUNDLES @ £47.99 + shipping
including coloured vinyl copy of the 2xLP (FIRST 75 on Clear, Yellow & Red mixed coloured Vinyl)
+ a coloured copy of the Instrumentals EP (while stocks last)
+ BONUS WHITE LABEL ONLY available in this bundle (FIRST 75 on Clear, Yellow & Red mixed coloured Vinyl only 1 coloured per person)
including 3 unreleased tracks and 2 instrumentals.

500 copies of Your Old Droog 2xLP @ £26.99 + shipping
First 75 copies on Clear, Yellow & Red mixed coloured Vinyl (ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE BUNDLE)
Next 150 copies on Red & Black coloured Vinyl
275 copies on Black vinyl


350 copies of the Your Old Droog Instrumentals EP @ £14.99 + shipping
First 75 copies on Clear, Yellow & Red  mixed coloured Vinyl
Next 75 copies on Red & Black Vinyl
(COLOURS ONLY available with the BUNDLE)
200 copies on Black vinyl.


There is also a MINI-BUNDLE available incl the LP and the EP @ £41.98 + shipping








OHHH YES - Here it is - One of the most in-demand mid 90's random indie Grails by New Jersey crew Ghettolandz. Included are three previously unheard and unreleased bangers as well as one track from each of the three 12's and remember, this is just Volume 1!!!


Here is a short interview with Ghettolandz producer and founder Izniz:


Where did you grow up Iz?

I grew up in TinTon Falls NJ.


So, when did you start spinnin?

5th grade when I got my first turntables.


Where dya first hear Hip Hop music?

Sugar Hill Gang was the first time I heard Hip Hop music but "Beat Street", "Krush Groove" and Boogie Down Productions sold the culture to me. I begged my parents for turntables for Christmas. I got a pair of straight arm turntables and my sister got me Run DMC's first album, the Dr. Jeckell and Mr Hyde record and AM PM, that's how I started Dj'ing, I wanted to be Jam Master Jay.

So who is Ghettolandz?
Ghettolandz is Naji, Huggy Bear and me, Izniz.


How did you meet each other?

I knew Huggy Bear cause he lived up the street from me and later on, the house producer Romanthony hooked me and Naji up.


So did u know Romanthony from your neighbourhood?

He lived up the street from me too and had a studio in his basement. Dude was 5 years older than me.


Was it there that you used studio gear for the first time?

In Roman's studio he use to teach me how to work the equipment and to keep the session going while he was on the phone!
At that time I was 17 and was just kicked out of high school. We had a Casio sampler there, an 8-track Tascam reel to reel, a Korg M1. Alesis compressor 3630, Alesis equalizer m-eq 230 and Roland R* to name a few.


When did you start producing/makin hip hop beats?

One day I had the urge to go to a studio and sample some sounds and breaks I had in my record collection.  I looked in the phone book for studios in my area and there were none that worked with Hip Hop, but there was this one rock studio and the dude there told me he had a friend who might be able to help me he had a studio in his basement with samplers and other gear and that dude was Lorenzo. I made the call and went that week, laid some samples down and brought the beat back, dropped it for Naji and he said "I think we got something here, when can we hit the studio?"  We went the next week and laid the first track down, which was "Getcha Open". I financed everything. I was taught some stuff about the record biz by Romanthony. I use to run his records to NYC radio stations and do all his consignment to all the top stores in NYC, so when we parted I took what it was I did for him and did it for myself. When I pressed "Getcha Open" I never sold any copies,  I gave them all to record pools. I never made a dime off that record, I made money selling my drum and beat records. By giving the "Getcha Open" record out for free to record pools and underground radio shows we sparked peoples interest.


Who spun it on radio?

Half Pint from the Hank Love and Half Pint Show was the only one I was aware of, the rest was overseas! The second record "Mic Hot/Ginuwine Thoughts" got played on Hot 97 and was spun by DJ Premier. He got the record from Fat Beats. I use to leave them records to give out to dj's and he happen to get the record.


So after the 3rd 12" what happened?

There was one offer from a label that never went through. With the group, as time went by they all went their own separate ways. I continued to make breaks and beats records like the "Drum Taps" LPs I dropped with Fat Beats. I had distribution through Landspeed, Buds, Unique as well as Fat Beats who were still reppin. I was doing a record every 3 months and I attracted an indie label off Universal to manufacture. That company eventually went under and that's when Universal gave me my own manufacturing deal. I made the records and they distributed them.


Props to Izniz for gettin down with Herring and now peep the goodness:




A1 Lets get it On
A2 Mic Hot
A3 Getcha Open

B1 Change The Name
B2 Real Gz
B3 Searchin

All tracks produced By Izniz and written By Naji except "Real Gz" written by Naji and Huggy Bear.
All tracks recorded at Lorenzo Conte House Of Hits and engineered by Lorenzo conte.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Green and Silver coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Clear, Purple and Orange coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl







"The Absouljah hails from the gritty paradigm known as Far Rockaway in the borough where kings are born, Queens, New York. He is the epitome of hip hop in its unadulterated purest form. When it comes to the essence of hip hop, people who are familiar with Absouljah’s music know that he is a reflection of not only the movement but also the culture. We live in a time where everyone is trying to cater to that one conformist sound that will make you successful, therefore it’s definitely refreshing and enlightening to see an artist like Ab never compromise his music and thought process in order to become part of what defines ‘success’ today. In 2007, Absouljah blessed his fans with the critically acclaimed underground gem titled ‘Slave to the Page’. Once hip hop fans got a dose of this conscious, thought-provoking street album, they all sat up and paid attention. Ever since, he has been busy crafting his lyricism and putting his stamp on hip hop. He is currently putting finishing touches on the eagerly anticipated ‘Dim the Light’ album. He is also busy working on other projects with other artists and producers.

The Absouljah represents everything that is positive with hip hop. He understands and values the essence of the culture while at the same time acknowledging his words are powerful enough to bring change. Ab has been through the era of hip hop that was build with street knowledge, he has crafted his style after the golden era of hip hop, and he has survived the shiny suits era. Here he is standing strong while never compromising himself or his music in a time where substance and lyricism has been replaced with propaganda and inflated egos. He has accomplished surviving in an environment that was the antithesis to growth and achievement. He proudly reminds his listeners that he never forgets where he came from and it is that humbleness that separates him from the rest. His music has given him the opportunity to travel all over the world while immersing him into different cultures and people. This has added not only to his knowledge but also his cultured world view and given him perspective on hip hop’s place across the globe. Perhaps his greatest achievement is the simple fact that he has stayed true to himself and the music.

The Absouljah is more than music. He is the voice for those who struggle and face oppressions and injustices daily. His aura can be best summed up with his own words, “I am inspired everyday seeing the world from the bottom”. He is an advocate for the voiceless while garnering a movement that inspires the young and old alike to follow their dreams and be the change we all want to see in this world. What stands out uniquely about him is how he expresses his emotions through his music. Many artists have tried and so few have succeeded in capturing the essence of reality and looking into one’s inner self and conveying that message out to the world. When you listen to an Absouljah track you can expect to have your thoughts provoked while your emotions go on a roller coaster ride that is composed of a soulful journey through the goodness that comes from music that is conveyed with passion and love. Real hip hop fans sense when an artist is the living experience of his words. The Absouljah is gearing up to provide more authenticity and lyricism to hip hop. Stay tuned for ‘Dim the Light’ and many more projects to come from Far Rock’s Finest."

Peep the Team Thoro website:




A1 Ninety Something feat. DJ Safe
A2 Lost in a Moment
A3 Fork in the Road
A4 World Don't Love ft. Streets Goon & HalfaBrick

B1 In Motion
B2 The Real Type
B3 Nighttime Dwelling ft. Spicco
B4 Get Well Soon

A1 produced by Gabz of Le Gouffre. A2 prod. by I.N.C.H. A3 prod. by JFX Productions. A4 prod. by
Shaolin Beatmaker. B1 prod. by DJ Simsima. B2 prod. by Soulslicers. B3 prod. by DJ Low Cut. B4
prod. by Ugly Tony.



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Clear, Green and Orange coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on White, Yellow and Purple coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl


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So here it is, our first [and hopefully not our last] Swedish Hip Hop release on Chopped Herring Records. Here we have a selection of tracks from the Collen and Webb-produced 1995 [cd only] album from Bakers Of The Holy Bread - The End Of A Cold Experience. The  group, conisting of David Lenneman, Göran Lindohf and Tobias Addo hailed from Umea in the north of Sweden. They dropped their first 12" "Roughnecks Comin’" in 1993 and followed up with a cd-only EP entitled "Three Views Concerning Human Knowledge" in 1994. The album dropped in the following year but was only ever released on CD - so you guessed it, Herring has selected 6 heaters for this limited vinyl EP including "Riddle in the Middle" which only appear on the EP/CD single. Peep it....



A1 Twelve Moments To The Only Conclusion
A2 Black Christ feat. Field Nigga Soup
A3 Bring It On Back feat. Field Nigga Soup

B1 Die With Your Boots On
B2 The End Of A Cold Experience
B3 Riddle In the Middle

All tracks produced by Collén & Web.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on White, Orange and blue coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on Silver, Black & White coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl


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What's up fish fanatiks?!!? Now we have, for your listening pleasure, an EP of bombs by much acclaimed Michigan MC Willie The Kid. Famed for his relation to Wu Affiliate LA The Darkman, this Grand Rapids MC is fly all on his own!!! Willie has dropped a bunch of ill EPs over the last few years, including the extremely dope Masterpiece Theatre produced entirely by The Alchemist and the distinctly fishy Aquamarine Mixtape [which was always destined to be linked to The Herring]. What we have here is a selection of some of the killer whale jawns from those projects, on vinyl for the first time. Guests include Herring favourites Action Bronson, Roc Marciano and Michigan MC Jon Conner...ENJOY!!!


A1 Glasses of Water
A2 The Guilt
A3 GODspeed
A4 Marina feat Jon Connor

B1 Avalon feat. Roc Marciano
B2 Medusa feat. Action Bronson & Roc Marciano
B3 The Pleasantries
B4 Somewhere

A1 & B3 produced by Soundahfekz. A2 & B1 prod. by Bronze Nazareth. A3 prod. by Troy Caesar.
A4 prod. by V Don. B2 prod. by Alchemist. B4 prod. by Abjo.



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Red, Yellow and Purple coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on White, Green & Orange coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl





So, Philly is becoming a very common place for rare Herring this season. We have a bunch of Philadelphia projects lined up [on the rod] over the next few months and we start off with this selection of 6 unreleased jawns [as they say in the city of brotherly love] from a selection of unknown Philly-based groups. The common thread is producer Darrin Ross. Darrin is most famous [in "Real Hip Hop" circles] for producing the 1993 grail "Check it Out" by Lord Aaqil and the first Bahamadia, pre-Chrysalis-deal material on his own label IQ Recordings. I hooked up with Darrin through a demo tape which collector and YouTuber Madhuman09 passed on to me a few months back.The material on the tape was unable to be found BUT Darrin opened up his extensive archives to Chopped Herring Recs and we worked together on selecting a 6 track EP to start off this archiving project. I hit up Darrin with some short interview questions for this, the first release in a series of releases with him. Chopped Herring proudly presents to you the Darrin Ross Producer Series Vol 1: Straight From Philly 92-95 EP. ENJOY!!!



Sup Darrin, how old are you man?

  48 years young

In what area of Philly did you grow up?

West Oak Lane section on Ogontz Avenue, where my first studio was built.

Share with us some of your earliest recollections of the culture

"Planet Rock" and "It's time" motivated and inspired us all.  All early 80's to 90's hip hop music was an inspiration to me. We all started Breaking and trying to do rhymes over the early Hip Hop records and filmed and produced a Philadelphia Breakin type movie in 1984.

Where did you hear the music, on local radio?

We had two major station Power 99 and WDAS 105.3 at that time to hear hip hop. Also Temple University had a station that had a hip hop program too

Who have you been influenced by, muscially speaking?

Parliament, Funkadelic, James Brown and many of the funky 70's groups and even late 60's drum sounds. Pink Floyd, YES, The Who, Boogie down productions, The Bomb Squad, Dr. Dre.
I really liked a group called Rasputins Stash for their psychedelic sound.

What were your first experiences of producing/recording/beat making?

I had a Dr Rhythm TR-110 back then. My learning method was to see if I could program the beats in each record verbatim on my machine. I then escalated to a Roland TR808 machine that I bought from Cintioli's music for the shocking price of just $200 used. I hooked up with a DJ Randy Gaskins in college and we would work on songs around our classes etc. I then met Rennie Harris who had just danced on the Fresh Fest Tour. I was starting a group and we vibed so he joined the group. Rennie had the connections and felt our work was so good that he was going to see if Kurtis Blow would help us out. Kurtis never responded to Rennie's calls. Rennie then reached out to Cozmo D and Chilly B of Newcleus. When they heard us they signed us immediately to a development and record deal with their label on Warlock Records. Most of our weekends were spent in NYC at Cosmo and Chilly's studio recreating our demos on their equipment to pick a single. I remember many nights of sleeping on the floor working until the next morning etc. We then picked a single and went to Quad recording studio to re-track and mix it on the 24 track SSL console. Before the record was released things started cranking for me as I opened up a recording studio in my bedroom with only 4 tracks of tape but 24 channels of analog mixing. When I mixed it sounded like 24 tracks. Word got around the city that I was making hot tracks and the sound you got from my bedroom was like the big studios. My D-Ran and Forte records were even recorded and mixed in this room. I worked with King Britt, Victor Duplaix, Ready Rock C and many others in this 4 track setup on may unreleased demos to this day.  I knew things were going digital so I started mixing down on 16bit PCM tapes as early as 1988.I would always strive to make my sound better and invest my monies from record deals into better sounding instruments and mixing consoles.

What was the first record you produced?

My first record wasBOI - You Set My soul on Fire on Pet Project, Cosmo D's [of the rap group Newcleus] label. It was an R& B cut that had moderate success because at that time I wanted to be a singer. After that I cut "D-RAN - Y'all Want Some House Music" on Gee Street/ Warlock [1988]. I did two Forte records and then "Over You" by Helen Bruner [1990] which landed on a huge record called Warparty and a single on Island records too.

How did the Bahamadia thing come about?

I had been doing demo's with Bahamadia and DJ Ran while my studio was up in the Bedroom in 1990. We were also working on the Hansoul demo's for Epic records at that time too all from my bedroom studio. When I gutted the garage in my prents home and converted it into a serious studio, I got even better equipment and an ADAT machine and I moved into that. I then proposed to Keith Cheezesteak Davis who was doing demo's with me for Ayesha at that time that we should start a label. He had the money and I had the skills to produce some nice records. I also linked up with Warlocks A&R man Al T. Mclaren and brought him aboard to get distribution etc. We decided to call the company I.Q. Records as a joke. "I.Q" meant "I'll Quit making records if this one does not sell"!. When I was producing the EP Ran asked me if I wanted to do something with Bahamadia on my label. At that time she was amazing but had no record deal. I said yes, and Funk Vibe was born. I mixed Funk Vibe so many times I have a DAT tape full of mixes for that record. Bahamadia was the only artist that we put out that was not signed to  I.Q. as our artist. We did this as a favor to DJ Ran. She seized the moment when the record became #1 in Philadelphia and got signed to Guru and history was made.

Tell us a bit about your record label

The reason we started I.Q. records was to showcase the amazing talented artists in Philadelphia who I was producing. I produced and worked with so many artists. I worked with too many artist to name but some of their material may see the light of day now that there is a resurgence in people liking the 90's boom bap sound. I also founded Tobeat Records for Gerrold Minus and Craig Tobias. Tobeat released one record EP with Lord Aaqil called "Check it Out".


Yeah D, we know that one man...





Various Artists - Straight from Philly 1992-1995 EP

A1 The Clique - Hassan Chop
A2 EMF Underground  - Straight From Philly
A3 ONF Crew - Check It Out  

B1 Pooh and Kev -  Out in the Place
B2 Wisecracks - Whaddup Black
B3 SikAzzClik - Can You Feel It

All songs programmed, produced and mixed By Darrin Ross for Bad Boi Productions.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Red, Purple and Silver coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on White, Red & Black coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl


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Poops - Bring On Ya Best: The 90's Demo EP


Here we are, unexpectedly back in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I've been trying to find Poops for a long ass time. I had hit up Pumpkinhead who recorded an infamous freestyle with him which was played several times on the Stretch &Bobbito WKCR 89.9 show, but he hadn't heard from dude in years. Every lead i found turned into a big fat NADA. Then a few months ago i hear from Finsta Bundy's DJ Primetime who asked me if i was interested in releasing some demo joints by a local Bushwick artist called........Poops. BLEW MY MIND!!! Of course I did - i'd been tryin to make it happens for the longest. So I was put in touch with FBoom who produced all of Poops' tracks. Even now we have linked i STILL have very little info about the artist. We spoke on the phone briefly, he didn't have any pictures from the time, any artwork and even much recollection of years and events. So f*ck it, who needs a back story!!! HA. What we have here are 5 unreleased and unheard tracks from 95-97 and 1 unreleased but "heard" track called "The Shit" which was played around 1996 on Stetch & Bob's WKCR 89.9 show. Props to SwerveOne for the superdope artwork and a massive shout out to Primetime who made this happen - BIG UP!!!



Poops - Bring Ya Best: The 90s Demo EP


A1 Bring On Ya Best
A2 Destroy
A3 Follow Ya Lead
B1 Da Shit
B2 Once Again
B3 Remember Me

All tracks produced by FBoom.
Art by Swerve One.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 are on Gold ,Clear and Black coloured vinyl.
The next 75 copies are on White, Red & Blue coloured vinyl.
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl

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