November 2013


"[He] kicks that "other reality" that most other rappers overlook: the flip side to the gangster realm - the reality that we're killing each other" Rap Pages, Oct '93


Chris Davis aka Smooth Criminal came up in a neighbourhood of South Dallas, Texas called Rose Terrace which was also known as Bonton Projects. Heavily inspired by MC's like Rakim, KRS-One and Chuck D, he began writing raps at the tender age of 14. In fact, he RECORDED his first track in a pro studio in Dallas at 14 years old....

By 16 he was a mature artist! Chris attended high school at Lincoln Humanities/Communications Magnate and found himself, more often than not, in the Radio/Television department, learning about camera work, lighting and the like. In order to inspire the students, famous musicians, actors and directors were invited to the school to speak to the kids and to instill some passion or foster passion for the entertainment business and employment in general. Chris would meet lots of celebrities and would make it his business to introduce himself. One time, a local artist management company owner came to the school and Chris managed to obtain the dude's digits and followed up on it shortly after. After calling the number, he discovered that the guy from "African Supporters of a New Style" aka A.S.O.N.E had give him his younger brother's number.

Chris got to be friends with that dude, who was more his age and was later introduced to the owner once again, as a talented local MC, lyricist and friend of the family. Around the same time, he got together with his crew, the Disciples of Injustice which included himself, producer Kres-X and MC Lo-Key. They would put on parties in Dallas in the Deep Ellum area and in some cases funded by their management company, would book big Hip Hop artists from NYC to perform at their parties. For example Biggie played at one of their shows before he blew, as did L.O.N.S., Onyx, and Eazy E and when they did, Smooth Criminal was the support act. This was all happening at the age of 16. and in the same year, he recorded the Straight Lynching project (known then as the Shank EP) with the backing of A.S.O.N.E. They pressed around 500-1000 cassettes which were mostly destroyed in an unfortunate flood in a basement where they were being held in storage. There was no vinyl other than a handful (we are told btwn 5-8) of test pressings. The cassette copies that survived were placed in the hands of press and industry heads and through the music and his local rep, the team received some offers from some majors - notably Virgin, but nothing substantial materialised.

He changed his name to U.P.T.I.G.H.T. in 1993 when Next Plateau Records were about to sue over an artist they were working with with the same name and later went on to work and write for among others, Dr Dre and The D.O.C. Now, 20 years later, Chopped Herring Records have released the 5 track EP along with an unreleased joint from 1997. Check the production sound on this project - this ish sounds more like it was recorded in the North East rather than the South - which will please most of our hardcore fan base!!! ha

We need to show props to Lost Records' owner Ivan Reyna for putting us on to this piece and hooking us up with Smooth Criminal to make this project happen. BIG UP SONNNN!!! And now the sounds>>>>


A1 Something To Hip
A2 Know The Lik
A3 Straight Lynching
B1 Shank Down
B2 Jah Jah Give Me Knowledge
B3 Holla At Me

All songs written by Chris "Up-Tight" Davis.
All songs produced by DJ Kres X apart from "Shank down" and
"Holla At Me" produced by Chris"Up-tight" Davis.
All tracks recorded 1993 except for B3 recorded 1997.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 are on Yellow/Gold vinyl
The next 75 copies are on Yellow/Black/White vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl

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Ohhh shiiit - we're back on the Canarsie-bound L train to Bushwick to drop some more rare and unreleased Dysfunkshunal joints on vinyl for the first time. Included are 3 BOMBS off the unreleased 1994 album, as well as 3 unreleased heaters which appeared on DJ Bazarro's cult " Bushwick Day" mixtape. Also included on this 8-tracker are 2 tracks from the rare and currently in demand Da Dysfunkshunal Familee EP's from the mid 90's. KILLER BUSHWICK BIDNESS!!!!!


Da Dysfunkshunal Familee - Shit Iz on Point '94-'97 EP

A1 Shit iz on Point
A2 B.O.U.N.D.A.R.I.E.S.
A3 Slipping (Original)

B1 Us Plus One - Dwelling in the Attic
B2 Splattahouse - BK Broilers
B3 You Can't Stop Da Reign
B4 Right or Wrong feat. Finsta



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 are on Green/White vinyl
The next 75 copies are on Red/Black/White vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl


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Tonight we have a previously cassette-only, obscure Philly release from 1992. Instead of the traditional Herring write-up, peep this the original press release from 1992....




A1 D.O.A Style
A2 Jimmy Swagglers
A3 Black Zone

B1 Words From a Brownman
B2 Speak Da Peace
B3 Soul Searchin

Produced by OPV and B-Lo Key. All songs written by O.Walker,
L Jones, O.Vance and B.Livingston.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 are on Clear/Red/Black vinyl
The next 75 copies are on Red/Blue/White vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl



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uMaNg - The Revisited EP

This is your non-typical Hip Hop back story. Keywords include: the US State of Utah,
Bollywood soundtracks, Hinduism and teenage Swedish beat makers.
This is The Revisted EP by uMaNg.

Umang Khosla grew up in Richland, Washington State to Indian immigrants who had come to America in the early 1970's. The young Umang would wake each morning to find his mum praying, the exotic smell of cumin in the kitchen and Bollywood soundtracks on the tape player. In Richland that was definitely an upbringing that made him stand out among other school kids and consequently he was often bullied just for being different. His father left the family home early in Umang's life and he and his elder brother spent most of his school days going from school to school as his mum moved from city to city all over the East coast of Amercia with her job. Over several years he lived in New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maryland. As soon as his dad left, the family plummeted below the poverty line and life was tough for the boys. He was on meal tickets for school lunches, but ocassionally his mum would give him a dollar to get something extra for lunch. He always saved those dollars up and when he had enough he would buy the latest Hip Hop CD's at the nearest mall which was often a trek away on the bus.

His new step father verbally abused him on the regular and physically abused his mother and he experienced his hardest years from the age of 13 to 16. In 2000 he had finally had enough. He left home and went to live with his brother who was at college in Salt Lake City, Utah. Circumstances dictated that he soon had to move in with a friend's family who looked after him for the time being. He was often depressed and mentally was on a downward spiral. He had no real family support and little confidence. It was around this time that he started to write rhymes as a way of expressing how he was feeling and as an escape from his real life. Soon after he dropped out of school, he found himself homeless for up to several weeks at a time, wandering the streets at night, taking naps on trains, trying not to be stuck in one place and ultimately experiencing the worst years of his life.

He spent 2002-2007 living between different peoples houses in Downtown Salt Lake City, finding a bed where he could. It was during these years that he began to hone his craft. He would often hit up a record stored called Uprok who held open mic nights every Friday and he would get down as often as he could. In 2007 he hit a serious depression and stopped writing for a whole year. In 2008 he got married and this established the first period of normality and balance in his life. The new found calm allowed his creative juices to flow once again and he copped a load of recording gear with an unexpected tax return cheque and began to record his own vocals.

He had a stash of rhymes which he'd written over the years and began to put them down over classic Hip Hop instrumentals which he uploaded to Youtube. In 2011 his videos caught the attention of a beat maker called Kickback who supplied him with some beats to rhyme over and together they wrote Umang's debut album "The First Impression". After dropping the album, he heard some instrumentals, again on Youtube, by a cat called B.B.Z Darney. He made contact with B.B.Z who already had heard and dug Umang's "The First Impression" project and the 2 started to work together on their own project. It was in the middle of recording this, their first album together, when Umang discovered that this Swedish beatmaker was only 16 years old. This kinda blew the MC's mind - how could such a young cat make such developed, musical, mature, 90's-sounding beats?? Their debut album was released in September of 2012 and was entitled "Lasting Impressions". Satisfied with the overall project they recorded a second album which was released in September 2013. It is select tracks from that album "The Revisited" that we have for you on a limited vinyl pressing. Please welcome to the Chopped Herring catalogue Umang and beat making-prodigy-extraordinaire B.B.Z Darney. BIG UP!



A1 Stay Focused
A2 Beat the Odds
A3 On a (Honor) Roll
A4 Land of Injustice

B1 Mic Operator
B2 Holdin it Down
B3 Ghetto Guitar
B4 Glass Thrones

Lyrics: uMaNg [WRITE IT LIKE THIS D;) ]
Beats: B.B.Z Darney
Cuts: DJ Grazzhoppa



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Silver + White + Black vinyl
The next 75 are on Solid Blue + White vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl

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