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In late 2011 we dropped volume 1 of The Ill Cyde Vaults EP - but we failed to include some SERIOUS heaters - now we have finished the job. For more info on Da Henchmen CLICK HERE. Now on with the important stuff....




A1 Blame It feat Evil Twin Brothers
A2 Bronx Session feat. Big Jam and Brick The Juggernaut
A3 Wartime (Mental Flex)

B1 Knock Em Out feat. Brick The Juggernaut
B2 Gotta Make Moves feat. Brick , Big Jam & Tank
B3 Stressfield Days feat. Big Jam, True Da Grynch, Tank & Murda One



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Cast your rods, I mean MINDS back to 2002. The scene is [most probably a very drizzly] Manchester, UK. Following the slow-puncturing of the North West's greatest-never-were Hip Hop group The Idiots, one member's rap dream was to rise out of the ashes and fly, like a Herring in the mouth of a gull high over the white cliffs of Hip Hop. Of course we speak of none other than "Out To Lunch" lyricist and all round rap genius/plasterer Rod "Fully- Van-Tastic" Hotley. Together we dropped the "Out To Lunch" single in 2002 and "Staunch Liaison EP" in 2003 and following several years touring and recording as The Real Dolls, Rod "The New Chandler Bing" Hotley has returned to the stage with his Burgundy Blood project.



Like Alec Guinness in a B-Boy adaptation of Kind Hearts and Coronets, Hotley (aka Matt Raikes) grapples with multiple character performances each with a distinctive melange of classical traits. Separately these characters may seem disparate and non-sensical, but together? Together they are comparable to Freud at his most innovative, Dickie Davis at his most eloquent and Kierkegaard at his most Danish. With producers Prince Richard Weedon and Roman Moses, Raikes has been provided the backdrop to expore the human psyche over the beat of the drum and the sample of the Lancashire charity shop. Don't analyse the lyrics, let them massage your temples, let them scrub your pits, let them wash over you like Manchester Transit police attempting to remove a piece from the side of an InterCity train from Liverpool Lime Street. "Don't think with your minds, think with your ankles." advised Kool Keith when I asked him his thoughts on Burgundy Blood. Many have tried the multiple-character performance and many have failed. Raikes has tried, succeeded  and dominated the genre, each in a different character. The achievement is nothing short of Ronnie Corbett. Let me present, the very lovely, the very rap-like, the warmest pair of socks in the draw...Buuuuuuurgunnnndddy Blood, SUCKAZ!




A1 Bloodbath
A2 Hello
A3 The Thing
A4 Jane Fonda

B1 Burgundy Blood
B2 Chateaus and Plateaus
B3 Mic Lords
B4 Icicles of Blood

Credits: Produced by Prince Richard Weedon & Roman Moses except A4 produced by Jim Noir and Roman Moses
Lyrics by M. Raikes.
More Burgundy Blood: www.killmoney.bandcamp.com



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We dropped the first part of this previously "lost" project back in 2011 and it's about time we finished the job. Big shout out to Tanya Dennis for finding the OG masters in his older brother's garage. Props to all the Teachaz fanz out there.....

[read the back story here]




Tha Grimm Teachaz - There's a Situation on the Homefront EP Pt 2


A1 There's a Situation on the Homefront
A2 Snap Ya Neck
A3 Frontin feat MC17
A4 Fresh Greg Interlude A

B1 Ay Muthafucka
B2 Got R Own Thing
B3 Double M
B4 Fresh Greg Interlude B



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
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You know the Herring - he doesn't like to swim too far from the shore or too far from Queens and this story takes place at one end of the Queensborough (aka the 59th Street) Bridge that crosses the highly polluted East River (no place for healthy fish!) in Queens. If you know your Hip Hop geography you will know that boxed in by the bridge, Vernon Blvd and 21st Street is Queensbridge Housing Projects - a glamorous neighbourhood if you wanna see it like that, but to most cats who grew up there it was a hard place to live. A bunch of young cats, ranging from 14 to late teens would hang out and hustle by the corner of Vernon and 41st Avenue near the park. These young'uns were born into rhyming, being from the same buildings as Queens' Hip Hop legends Nas, Mobb Deep, Tragedy and Marley Marl. A local music industry head and Hip Hop fan known as True Force saw some potential in this natural grouping of raw talent and he took one cat (Sham) and his brother (Third Surgeon) as well as the older Killah Sha (in his late teens) into a studio to record. Nothing came from that first session but the result of the second session was the track "'96 Phenomenon". The third session they recorded "Time 2 Shine" and then following that a flood of tracks were written.

True force became a father figure to the boys, in some cases feeding and clothing them. Some of the parents gave their permission to him to work with their sons, some were suffering from addictions and didn't care and some were just pleased their kids were doing something. The boys were making money hustling on the streets, selling drugs and gettin into different crimes, so while they aimed for some music industry success they were surviving. They formed a solid unit under the Killa Kidz banner and under True Force's guidance, worked towards getting a deal. They got some way through the process with Polygram/Def Jam and Mercury, but the overriding feeling was that young cats called Killa Kidz talking about drugs and gunplay was too dangerous a thing to invest in. They were making some headway with Polygram but the label heads changed mid-way and none of the incoming execs wanted to take a risk on the boys. At the time the rappers were getting used by some notable artists as guests - Baby Sham, part of the Flipmode Squad got a guest feature on Busta Rhymes "When Disaster Strikes", Sha guested on tracks by Tragedy Khadafi and Psycho Child with Sha (under the moniker Prince A.D) were the title MC's on the Chuck Chillout produced "Lyrical Flava". They kept together as a crew and never toned down their style and although asked many times by majors, never changed their name.

The project looked destined to run independently. So, funded by True Force (who quite often put his rent check into pot), they pressed up some vinyl, hit up NYC record stores and sold the wax on consignment. They got some solid support from (ex-Queensbridge resident) Marley Marl, who broke the single on the radio, leading to support from other NY DJ's. They built up a little momentum, but labels were still reluctant to sign a group called Killa Kidz. After some time went past without a serious offer they went into phase 2 of Killa Kidz......



                                                              A1 Time 2 Shine                                                             
A2 Timing
A3 Streets is Real

B1 '96 Phenomenon
B2 Feel Slugs
B3 City of Panic


Killa Kidz is Prince A.D., Superb, Baby Sham, Psycho Child, Third Surgeon, Superb & Mr Ruc aka the Jackal.
All tracks produced by Prince A.D. All scratches by Prince A.D.
Executive Producer: True Force.
Recorded between 1996 & 1997 at Ready or Not Studios, NYC.
Killa Kidz appear courtesy of Young Life Records.


Price is £29.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

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After the sick reception that the Da Buze Bruvaz EP received, we are following up with Him-Lo's debut solo EP. This HEATER includes 8 brand new, unheard BOMBS from one half of the Philly Lo-Life duo. No major talk-up,but it's worth mentioning that he does get his dinner cooked for him most nights at his local brothel...Don't ask...ha




A1 Marble Floors
A2 800lbs Gorilla
A3 Call Da Copz
A4 Philly Fanatics

B1 Elo-Him
B2 Horsepower feat. Clever-One
B3 Hangover Himslee
B4 Sneakers

A1 & A2 produced by DJ Tee. A3 & B4 prod. by Him-Lo & Reb Lo.
A4 prod. by Shaheed Mudfoot. B1 prod by EDK.
B2 & B3 prod. by Lord Beatjitsu.



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Silver/Greenmixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Yellow/Green mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl

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First in Command was made up of Dave aka Abyss, Mervyn aka 2Kind and DJ Olabean and they were from Liverpool (UK) - can ya tell?

During the early 1980's, Liverpool and specifically Toxteth was not necessarily a "fun" place to live!. The area was one of the most segregated in the UK, unemployment was at a 50 year high and race relations were tense. The predominantly black community, a strong and vital part of the cultural make-up of this major UK port city (which was incidentally built on the slave trade), was ghettoised within the L8 Liverpool postcode. Police brutality and victimisation of young black kids was rife and in the summer of 1981 the anger and mistrust between the two factions was at boiling point. Following the St Paul's riots of 1980 in Bristol and the Brixton riots earlier in the year came Liverpool's edition: the Toxteth riots (also know as the L8 uprising, depending on which side of the road you were standing). Several weeks after the violence that was to rock the city (pun intended) "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was released (!). It was after seeing this epic and entirely unrelated piece of Spielberg cinema that Toxteth residents Dave and Mervyn met. Dave remembers the two boys chattin' about the film in their first conversation and also that their meeting was probably sealed  with a ceremonial and bond-forming burning of a box of Swan Vestas. Those actions in the problematic summer of 1981 led to the creation and recording of their never-released album "Pest Control" 14 years later.

Dave was exposed to electronic groups like Kraftwerk and early Hip Hop tracks via his brother, 8 years his senior, who was in an electro-pop group at the time. His mum had allowed his older brother to convert the upstairs box room into a makeshift practice room for his band and one day the heard "Rappers Delight" bumping through the floorboards of the house and was immediately affected. Mervyn had heard a lot of early Electro from his brother who was 4 years older than him plus his mum would play a lot of Reggae (John Holt being a favourite) and soul groups like the Chi-Lites were often on the record player. When his brother was out the house he would sneak into his room and spin records by Flash, Bambaataa, Whodini and early Run DMC, being extremely careful to leave his brothers records in the same order and state he found them in for fear of a beating!!!!

Being from the same neighbourhood the two boys used to hang out at the Charles Woolton Centre, a local community centre in Toxteth. The youth centre had a music room, and Dave, an aspiring drummer, would mimick classic breakbeats and they began, slowly to start to write tracks together. Mervyn aka 2Kind remembers not being able to recite his rhymes until the light was turned off for fear of embarrassment. They would do cover versions of classic Hip Hop joints, one they remember doin on the reg was Tuff Crew's "She Rides the Pony" (in a Scouse accent? DOPE!). Their evolution took a huge leap after Mervyn brought the instrumental of Main Source's "Watch Roger do his Thing"  to the club one day and they both recited written rhymes over the top - it was soon after this that they knew they wanted to record...

After the mind-expanding realisation that Rap tracks contained samples, following the discovery of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series,  hardcore digging for samples ensued. They would separately and as a duo hit up stores like Spin Inn and Eastern Bloc in Manchester on their weekly inter city pilgrimage to cop new and old Hip hop and to satisfy their breaks and beats cravings they would rinse out Hairy Records in Liverpool city centre or Backtracks in the Whitechapel area of the city. It was on one diggin mission at Hairy Records in 1992 that Mervyn stumbled across a bunch of "Library Records" that the owner had marked for 50p each. The popularity of this sample-laden genre was still fairly low key and the cover prices that these records fetched would not peak for several years. He brought the swag over to Dave's spot and realising that they had found something they could use, went back the following day to clean up - there were KPM's, Conroys, Chappells, Brutons. The owner of the shop had bought 100's from an auction of stuff from an old BBC office and not knowing their value (to a Hip Hop producer), had flung them all out in the racks for peanuts. The boys ate them up like starved Pacmen..

Dave put together a small home studio set up to write beats for their rhymes. He had the obligatory Atari ST with an early version of Cubase, an Akai S950 and a Yamaya PX27 keyboard to trigger samples - basic yet affective. They began writing tracks around 1991/1992 and worked on a set of material over the next 3 years. They joined forces with local DJ and DMC competitor DJ Olabean who provided the appropriate deft cuts for the project. With no one in the city to guide them with their Hip Hop production, everything they created was was done via Rap osmosis, listening to the likes of Main Source, KMD, ATCQ and Pete Rock - i.e decent influences. They hooked up with a music producer in town with his own studio who let them record for nothing and although he didn't have any knowledge or experience in the music they were trying to make,  acted as a manager of sorts, looking to recoup the studio hours in some shape or form. They set up one of the first Hip Hop nights (Phat Skills) in Liverpool, a city which had not seen any success in that genre of music. The only group that had had a record out was Power to the Max in the late 80's. Dave had run into one of the members at a Monie Love gig in 1988 who had encouraged him to write. There was also the group Bantu who were legendary on the local live scene in the mid to late 80's, but never dropped anything other than a white label in1991 and like so many Liverpool Hip Hop acts failed to reach their potential. First in Command truly believed that they would be the first North West Hip Hop group to get some success while making pure, quality Hip Hop Music.

With a demo complete they hit up a load of labels and publications. They won a demo competition in Hip Hop Connection magazine and received a few press mentions but the buzz wasn't spun into anything further. London-based labels didn't know what to do with the Liverpool accent and what few labels there were didn't pick up on the demo or invest in the group. Then, as is usually the way, life took over and families, children and work became the main priority and the First in Command project had to take a back seat and eventually fizzled out.

This little-known UK Hip Hop group made the music they wanted to hear and were never steered by any outside forces. The content of the songs were shaped by their experiences alone. Rather than glamourise their upbringings or talk about an imaginary life of drug dealing and crime, they focused on their friendship, shared passions (Hip Hop for one), going out and gettin pure fanny!! They never caricatured their [strong] Liverpudlian accents for affect and never created self-deprecating parodies of the "Northerner" to get a deal. These cats were always true school. What more could you want....

Props to Paddy at No Fakin in Liverpool for playin me the demos and tellin me that I should contact the fellas - RESPECT LA!



A1 First Things First
A2 Pest Control
A3 My Next Project
A4 Miss Ho!! (A Good Woman)
A5 Soul Food Fried

B1 Up Jumps the Devil
B2 Under Manners
B3 Bed Knobs and Broomsticks
B4 Blacknaphobia
B5 Later



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So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
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The next 75 are on Yellow/Clear/Black mixed colour vinyl
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36 year old, Georgia based MC MarQ Spekt has been droppin slept-on-heat since the late 90's. He was signed to Bigg Jus' Sub Verse Label in the early 2000's, he had an album released on MF Grimm's Day By Day label with his crew Broady Champs, he has a non-Special Herbs track produced by MF DOOM (IMAGINE!), dropped a dope 2011 project produced by Cunninlynguists' Kno (among many MANY other projects) and has a crazy deep catalogue of unreleased and never-heard-before joints. This cat represents better than anyone else, the Underground Hip Hop movement of the last decade and a half. Let's dig deeper....


MarQ (from his old graf tag) Spekt grew up in Philly but spent a lot of time between the "City of Brotherly Love" and Brooklyn, where he had close family. He was influenced, like many other Philadelphia based artists, by Cool C, Steady B and Schooly D but his love of lyricism can be traced back to his writing poetry at a very early age. He started MC'ing at 12 years old when challenged by a girl at school! He wasn't gonna back down and be humiliated by a GIRL so he got up. In place of instrumentals he would practise rhyming over vocal versions of classic albums on cassette: Strictly Business, One for All, whatever his older cousins hooked him up with. After several years of developing his skills he took to the streets to battle. Cats would hang out on South Street in Philly rhyming in cyphers with local MC's. At that time you might've seen Black Thought or Malik B battling on a street corner and you'd find MarQ there too. His first recordings were for his group "Invisible Games of Death" with MC Filadel Castro in 1995 and in 1997 he moved down to Atlanta.

Soon after he arrived down south he won an MC competition hosted by 3-2-1 records and the prize was some cash (always good) and a flight to NYC to record with Ultra's Ced-Gee (not bad either). While up there he met some useful contacts including Kool Keith and Audio Two producer Daddy-O. Around 1999 he founded the crew "Broady Champs" which was made up of more North Eastern transplants now based in the South, including PG, Nyce & Buddy Leroy aka Buddy Leezle. They recorded a plethora of joints, most of which still haven't been officially released and one album "Breakfast of Champions" which dropped on MF Grimm's Day By Day Entertainment in 2006 on CD only. In the late 90's he was working with soon-to-be Sub Verse recording artists Micranots and featured on a joint on their debut album. Bigg Juss, who after Company Flow disbanded, was in the process of setting up Sub Verse happened to notice Spekt while in Atlanta and offered him a deal for his debut album "Ghostmaker". The first single for the project "Shoplifer" was released in 2001 but the label ran out of funds before the album was finished and wound down after such classic releases as KMD's Black Bastard's, the (first) reissue of DOOM's "Operation Doomsday" and albums by Scienz of Life - basically material Fondle'EM wouldv'e put out had Bobbito decided to continue with the label!

MarQ Spekt continues to be incredibly prolific on the underground Hip Hop scene with a harder grind  than a post- industrial revolution corn mill. He recently dropped an EP of material utilising both released and unreleased instrumental music from the vaults of 70s avant-soul musican Gary Wilson and he has multiple new projects in the pipeline (as usual). There are many CDR-only releases which were sold at shows, so the catalogue is mad deep. For this his first Chopped Herring Records release we have dug through his extensive catalogue to bring you 8 tracks available for the first time on vinyl. Included are three bombs off the late-2011, critically acclaimed "Machete Vision" album produced exclusively by Cunnylinguists' producer Kno featuring appearances by Herring favs Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson. Chopped Herring Records presents MarQ Spekt - "Mark of the Beast EP" - Check it:


MarQ Spekt - Mark of the Beat EP


A1 Mark of the Beast
A2 D.R.E.A.M feat. PG
A3 Aquamarine feat. Stahhr
A4 Danger feat. Meyhem Lauren, F.T & School of Sharks

B1 Guttersnipin feat. Lex Boogie & Akil Nuru aka Filadel Castro
B2 Friends
B3 Homocide Remix feat. Akil Nuru aka Filadel Castro & Karniege
B4 Roadhouse feat. Action Bronson

A1 produced by Gman. A2 & B3 prod. by Lex Boogie.
A3,A4 & B4 prod. by Kno. B1 prod. by Tone Beatz .
B2 prod. by BT.

Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Black/White/Orange mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Silver/Orange mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl


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The date is December 1990. The scene is a nightclub in Columbia, South Carolina called FAME. DJ Eclipse was spinning, and an up-and-coming Hip Hop producer by the name of Mighty Maestro was home for the holidays.

Maestro had been making a name for himself in New York City producing records for the likes of Lakim Shabazz and Grandmaster Caz. He was an in-house producer for Tuff City Records and had recently appeared in an episode of BET’s Rap City to support the release of Lakim's second album "The Lost Tribe of Shabazz". At the club that night, a local emcee by the name of Sun Magnetic recognized Maestro from that appearance and introduced himself to the producer. The two cats got to talking shop and exchanged numbers. Sun's passion for the art form made an impression on Maestro, but since Maestro was only in town for a few more days, there wasn't much time to take it further. So, to keep things moving, Maestro introduced Sun to DJ Eclipse.

Some months later, Maestro and Eclipse were talking on the phone. Eclipse mentioned that he and Sun had actually hooked up to work on some tracks. Eclipse was impressed with his skills as an emcee and played some of their demos over the phone. Both producers agreed that Sun had potential but still needed some development.

Maestro would go on to work on tracks for the Flavor Unit, YZ and his own "Nickel Bag of Breaks" EP. He had a brief encounter with Leaders of the New School and did some ghost production on the track "Movie Scene" for the Fu-Schnickens. It was on another visit to South Carolina in 1992 that Maestro hooked up with a former associate, Mike Allen, who was forming a production company in the area at the time. Maestro's affiliation with The Fu-schnickens project wasn't progressing as he had hoped, and his production deal with Tuff City was starting to feel a bit confining.

Maestro needed some rest.

What was meant to be a brief hiatus from the New York grind turned out to be a homecoming of sorts. Enticed by the allure of unlimited studio resources and access to first class musicians and other talent, Maestro decided to fall back and merge with his new found partner in crime, Mike Allen. Mike built a studio in his garage that would eventually become ground zero for the Zigg Zagg project. Maestro still had a few obligations to Tuff City, including finishing his breakbeat album. He offered DJ Eclipse a spot on the record. Eclipse contributed the track called "Moonshine". It would be DJ Eclipse's first production on wax. Maestro also wanted to feature an emcee on the project. It was at this time that he asked Eclipse about Sun Magnetic. Maestro hadn't seen Sun since they met at the club in 1990, but he remembered that Eclipse had co-signed for him. Soon after, they all started hanging out together. Maestro then offered Sun a spot on his breakbeat album. The track that Sun and Maestro recorded was called "Check The Wreck". It was the first vocal recorded in Mike Allen's new studio.

After that initial session, Maestro, went into lab mode and finished off the track. The beat was another flip of the Fatback Band's "Got To Learn How To Dance". Sun came in and one-take-jaked his vocals. His presence as an emcee was undeniable. When Mike Allen heard the final version of what Maestro had just produced, he was immediately stopped dead in his tracks. At that point, both Maestro and Mike started reconsidering whether "Check The Wreck" should be wasted on a Tuff City breakbeat record—the answer was an emphatic…NO! It was clear, from that point, that Sun Magnetic was ready for prime time, but he needed a full and proper demo.



We hear a lot of unreleased music out at sea but this project is truly special. We were put onto it by PG023 from Sweden (props son!) and it totally blew the mind of the Herring. Think Main Source + 45 King +Organized Konfusion with a sprinkle of Brand Nubian tossed in for good measure.This could well be one of the dopest unreleased project of the 1990's. OK, enough with the build up - the proof is most definitely in the pudding so just peep it. Chopped Herring Records proudly presents: Zigg Zagg - Touch Da Sun 1992-1995 EP Pt2....




Zigg Zagg - Touch Da Sun 1992 - 1994 EP Pt 2


A1 Touch Da Sun
A2 Warzone
A3 Da Prognosis

B1 Don't Front Da Flava
B2 Y=Self feat. Shaquan
B3 Da Man Upstairs

Produced by Mighty Maestro.

Track B1 co-produced by DJ Eclipse.
All tracks recorded between 1992-1994.



Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Black/White/Blue/Red mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Purple/Gold mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl



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