May 2013 - June 2013


What do Dave Chapelle, Luther Vandross, Eddie Murphy's brother, Kool G Rap and Akinyele all have in common? Read on…


Bound E! Hunters consists of MC and producer Con Rock Hard and MC Pay Juan. Both cats are now now in their mid 40’s and experienced Hip Hop’s evolution from the get-go. They had both found themselves in the Lefrak City/Corona neighbourhood of Queens in the late 70’s after moving from, in Rock’s case Long Island and in Pay’s case Hollis. Their induction into Hip Hop came through older cats sharing their knowledge. For Rock, Bronx cats coming down to Queens showing off their new found skills and for Pay, local Hollis heads. At one time, Rock was actually at school with Kool G Rap (just known as Abdul back then) in Flushing (John Bowne High School) who exposed him to the freshest styles of the day. G Rap would rap about shit that kids his age shouldn't know anything about – Rock was amazed by his content, vocab and rhyming concepts. He also ran into Akinyele (a few years his junior) on a daily basis, who lived in the The Sherwood Village Co-Ops and would battle him, winning every bout (although I’ve been told AK MAY not agree!!).  At the age of 16 Rock was taken up to the Bronx by an older cousin, to an after hours spot owned by a friend’s dad on 110th Street and Central Park West. It was here where he saw one of his first live rap performances, by Doug E Fresh – that was a highly influential night for Rock. His passion for writing however came from school not from the street. He cites his 5th grade English teacher as his primary influence. It was in English class that he learned the beauty of poetry and the satisfaction of writing rhymes. He remembers the first time he wrote a rhyme and recited it to someone – his dad. He had written a particularly vulgar rhyme, referencing his (then imaginary) sexual prowess – his dad was suitably disgusted. But it was in these early days he was exploring his desire to perform and perform his own creations – this made him happy.

Pay’s motivations were slightly different. His desire to talk through his rhymes emanated from his upbringing. There was a lot of tension and drama both at home and at school growing up and his parents eventually divorced when he was quite young. The son of a Puerto Rican NYC detective who had served in Korea and a black mother who worked for the social security, Pedro’s upbringing was hard. Apart from the constant fights at home, his mixed ethnicity led to bullying at school. Although his first rap influences were the likes of Treacherous Three, Kool Moe Dee and Melle Mel, it was when he was exposed to Public Enemy and KRS-One that he began to relate in a way that led him to write and later recite his rhymes in public. It was the unbridled lust for intelligence in KRS and the unapologetic anger of Chuck D that resonated with him. He was a relatively shy boy at school. He was surrounded by talented would-be MC’s and this, compounded with the racism he faced on a regular basis, led to him keeping his lyrical creations to himself. But as soon as he heard groups like Public Enemy shouting out their message he was filled with confidence and was encouraged to share his voice. Hip Hop was therapy to the young Pay Juan and gave him the tools he needed to develop his personality and begin his life journey. He has been forever grateful.


The two MC’s met one day in a studio through a mutual associate, a smooth R&B style rapper called Debonair Suave. Deb was on a kind of Father MC type tip. He was all about baggin honies and his raps echoed that sentiment!! Pay had known Deb a little from his neighbourhood in Queens. The two had played ball together for years on a local b-ball court and at that time were recording some tracks together. He remembers one particular day walkin’ through Washington Square Park (a famed venue for scorin whatever you needed to score) and runnin into Eddie Murphy’s brother, a member of the group K-9 Posse. He remembers havin some beef with some dudes that day and his motivation for that evening's studio session was the day’s events. Deb had brought along another producer he knew through Deb’s DJ, DJ Asiatic (then known as DJ G-Glove) . That other rapper was Rock. The two rappers hit it off immediately. In fact they saw more in common with each other than either did with Deb. The two were on more of a conscious, righteous tip – if “honies” where brought up in the lyrics of their raps it was gonna be to make a social comment or used as a device to raise the issue of racism or sexual health, rather than a shallow, superficial rhyme. It was obvious to both cats that they should work together.

NOTE FROM ROCK: NOTE: I was producing all of Debs tracks back then. Pay & Deb didn't know I MC'd at this time because they were older than me and we never crossed paths in LeFrak. Also, Debonair Suave, Pay Juan and Myself actually formed a group called "Exsell Control". We recorded a few songs together, with Deb & Pay being the MC's and me as the producer. Duntori & Co. were managing us at this time. When the Exsell Control decided to disband because of creative differences, Debonair Suave became a solo artist and Pay and Rock gave birth to the BOUND E! HUNTERS.   Duntori & Co. continued to manage both acts for awhile.

Their friendship began with music – they recorded on the regular for many years – they lived in the studio. They honed their crafts to an almost obsessive level. They built up a solid body of work over a few years and like Rock's group Exsell Control, they were represented by Duntori & Company who provided artist development and stage choreography for the likes of Heavy D, Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross among others. When the Dunn Sisters received a sizeable fee from a big project they were working on, the funds were earmarked for the Bound E! Hunters’ video, single and ultimately to shop them around to labels. They retained the services of one Kevin Powell who was at the time a music video director. Powell gained prominence in 1992 for appearing in the first series of MTV’s The Real World, one of the first shows in the Reality TV genre. He went on to be an accomplished poet, poltical activist and journalist and around 93/94 he was directing music videos. He brought in a young comedian friend of his, one Dave Chappelle, to appear in the video which Chappelle went on to reference in an episode of his own TV show. Armed with a professional video, a vinyl 12” and a whole bunch of demos tracks they went in search of a deal. Rock & Pay also brought in another talented rapper from the west coast to work with them called Cypher Born. Cypher was a white rapper in the vein of B Real who spat gore/horror movie-influenced raps. As soon as the boys met him they invited him to collaborate on a track and soon after asked him to be part of the group.

Cypher was fast becoming a bigger part of the group. Being the only white rapper, he stuck out and the feedback from shopping the deal, much to the bemusement of Pay and Rock, was that Cypher should be pushed to the front and our two boys, the founders of the group were being encouraged to be his cohorts. BET was shooting a feature on Dunt0ri and the management company saw this spot as a good opportunity to push the group. They all got ready for their big chance (which was basically a segment of the interview) to raise some profile. It was only afterwards, when it was aired, they saw that the only sections that were kept after editing were those containing Cypher Born. Following on from this, having spent a lot of their energies pushing Bound E! Hunters in their original format, Duntori began to listen to the feedback they were receiving and strongly suggested Cypher become the group’s main focal point. This was too much for these straight-talking and enlightened artists. They always swore they would never bow to any outside pressure and Cypher was asked to leave the group. The departure was amicable and in truth was something that Pay and Rock found was the last resort. Rock told me it was a real shame as Cypher’s ONLY crime was that he was dope. But they would not let management turn the group into something that it was not – a manufactured rap group. That was the antithesis of everything they believed in as individuals and was the direct opposite of the lyrical content of all their tracks.


Even now, many years later, they believe they had no choice but to resist outside forces. Perhaps they would’ve found that elusive deal had they listened to the business people, perhaps they would’ve spent the following decades recording and perhaps they would’ve been able to survive in the music business. But they have zero regrets. They lived together, they met their wives while living together, they had children at the same time and they worked together at a prestiguous NYC hotel. They grew up and became successful individuals outside of the music business, but it was the music that allowed them to do it. The shy young Pay Juan, given a voice through Hip Hop, used the skills he’d learned as a performing MC to give him the strength to become a Union Representative – speaking for people who did not have a voice. One comment Pay Juan made seems to adequately sum up this little known Hip Hop group from the 90’s who only had one single, a video and a whole lot of truth to impart: “Do the right thing when no one’s looking”. Let us introduce to you Bound E! Hunters…..



A1 Who the Fuck's in Charge
A2 One Step & A Rhyme
A3 Da Huntaz

B1 Huntin' Grounds
B2 You Can Smell It
B3 Break it Down

All tracks produced by Con Rock Hard. A1-A3 written by Pay Juan.
B1 & B3 written by Pay Juan and Con Rock Hard.
B2 written by Pay Juan, Con Rock Hard & Cypher Born.
All tracks recorded at Power Perks Studios 1994.
All tracks mixed by Brian Perkins.


Price is £19.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)

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What we have here is the Mandatory Brunch Meetings LP with 2 bonus UNRELEASED joints plus an 8-track EP of brand new material produced entirely by DXA producer IceRocks, getting its worldwide exclusive on vinyl. We also have a BONUS white label 12" available only with the bundle which includes the unreleased 'The World Burns feat Action Bronson & AG Da Coroner' + Got the Fever Instrumental + Lost Souls and more.....OK let's get on with it....



A1 Mandated Participants
prod. by ATG                                            
A2 10 Dollar Lap Dances
prod. by Harry Fraud                                             
A3 Get the Money Black
prod by DJ Two Stacks & Nova                                      
A4 Kelly Kapowski
prod. by ATG

B1 Thousand Dollar Gym Shoes feat. Action Bronson
prod. by Tommy Mas                          
B2 Cedar Plank Salmon
prod. by DJ Uneek                                              
B3 Tow Track feat. Science (Bonus Track)
prod by Jewls Polaar                                                     
B4 Beautiful Areolas 
prod. by J-Love                                              
B5 Brand Name Marijuana
prod. by Alchemist

C1 Stewed Rabo feat. Action Bronson & AG Da Coroner
prod. by Tommy Mas. additional prod. Pro Celebrity Golf                                                       
C2 Burgundy Guess Jeans
prod. by ATG                                            
C3 Persian Rugbys     
prod. by Mike Finito                                             
C4 Seceret Angle
prod. by Falside

D1 Broken Glass (Bonus Track)
prod. by Nickel Plated                                            
D2 Brooklyn Queens Day feat. Maffew Ragazino
prod. by ATG                                           
D3 Guns in the Playground feat. Gabbie Giftz
prod. by IceRocks                                           
D4 Carvel
prod. by Mike Finito




A1 Jalapeno Popcorn
A2 Throw Em Up feat. AG Da Coroner
A3 Critical Thinking
A4 Word on the Street feat. Science

B1 Swordfish Parables feat. Hologram
B2 Handouts feat. AG Da Coroner
B3 Supremem Knowledge
B4 Majestic Movements




A1 The World Burns feat. Action Bronson + AG Da Coroner
A2 Got the Fever (Instrumental)
A3 Get the Money Black (Acapella)
B1 Lost Souls
B2 Word on the Street (Instrumental)



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Philly Lo-Lifes, Da Buze Bruvaz rep "The City of Broverly Love" to the max!!!


Ever since they were young boys these blood brothers (Him Lo and Clever One) repped the culture. MC'ing was the last element of Hip Hop that they took their hands to and Philly was always a major city for B-Boy culture. As well as cats like Steady B, Schooly D and Cool C doin music, the graf and breaking scene went as hard as anywhere. Him-Lo remembers that you could feel Hip Hop "in the air" back in the late 70s and early 80s. Even goin out for a ride in his parents' car he was in awe of the throw-ups and pieces which coated the inner city walls. As a kid he always knew he'd never be able to shake it - he'd be livin Hip Hop for the whole of his life. Ha, and that's been a while - Him-Lo is now 39 and his younger brother Clev One is 35 - and this is the first time they have released a physical product. Why?

The boys have been droppin rhymes since around 1992, when they started to become more serious about the craft. They were involved in a part-time crew called Bermuda Triangle. It was hard gettin stuff done cause members were in and out of jail or dealing with various addictions. The brothers too had been naughty boys!! Typically, they were both thrown out of their respective high schools for writing on the walls and before long they were jackin' cars. They were introduced to Lo-Life B-Bill through a chick they knew called Big Shirley who used to go out boostin' and would hide the gear in her fat rolls (!!). B-Bill AKA Michael Culley, one of the founding fathers of the Lo-Life movement, had moved from Brooklyn New York and the boys started to hang out around 1993 and that's when their Lo boostin addiction began. Cats didn't have money to cop Lo, so boostin' was the only way to look dipped. The brothers would be out on the daily destroying racks. I asked Him-Lo about any particular boostin adventures he'd been on. He told me about one mission that always made him laugh when he looks back. He'd been boostin for most of the day, in and out of different stores in Philly. In one store that afternoon they noticed some store workers talkin on walkie talkies, so they bustin out and Him's homie Ant jacked a Cutlass Ciera. They drove the stolen vehicle down some back streets and got caught up in (of all things) a police block party. Appropriately Lo, they found themselves swervin between police horses and cars, while carryin mad garms and ridin in a stolen vehicle. Him remembers just jumpin out the car while it was still rolling and sneakin' off down the subway stairs and gettin the hell out. They always had a lot of fun and always ended up with ill GEAR. Welcome to Da Buze Bruvaz....


What we have for your listening pleasure are 5 (up to this point) digital-only joints and 3 brand new ones written for this vinyl project on Chopped Herring Records. You are gonna be hearing a lot more from this crew in the months to come so get ready to spend some time in hospital - these shits are ILLLLLL. Peep it:



Da Buze Bruvaz - Cheesesteakz N Beat Breakz EP

A1 Tag Team Taktikz
A2 Hennessy White
A3 Real Talk feat. Chip Raw
A4 Egyptian Cotton feat. Driz Lo

B1 Champion Sweatahz
B2 Pina Colada
B3 Woolrich Hooliganz
B4 Rulership

Da Buze Bruvaz are Him-LO and Clever One. A1 produced by Clever One. A2 prod. by Dj Tee. A3 prod. by Paul B. A4 prod. by Claymore. B1 prod. by Lord Beatjitzu. B2 prod by Him Lo. B3 prod. by 187 Napalm. B4 Him Lo & Clever One.



Price is £14.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Red Pearl mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Silver & Red mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl



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What? Another NYC 1997 Indie Grail????? NO DOUBT SONNNNNNN....


There is pretty much zero information about this record on the internet. All there is, is evidence of its scarcity, it's value on the dealer market (expensive!) and the fact that Wu-Tang Clan engineer and drummer Carlos Bess and his C-12 crew (DJ Choko, DJ I-CUE and Ray Rondon) produced all tracks as well as some demo joints from the short recording lifespan of this group.

Sandinistas consisted of 2 MC's, Devine and Lon. They came up in the Cobble Hill area of Brooklyn NY. A photographer friend of Carlos' called Danny Castro hired the 2 to be his photo assistants. During one photo job Danny happened to hear the 2 cats rap and off the back of that encounter decided to fund and exec-produce a project featuring the 'group'. He called in famed and much-experienced Hip Hop producer Bess and his C-12 team, to produce a single and according to Bess 1000 copies were pressed (as usual, i highly doubt it was more than 500 - unless - as is my usual conjecture, some were lost, burned or Harry-Houdini'd the f*ck away). Most copies were sold to individuals, friends and friends of the family and nothing came of it. They did a few shows after the drop and that was it - another dope, defunct Hip Hop act. All that's left is a crazy rare 12" and now this re-mastered repress of the 3 original tracks with 3 unheard joints and 2 bonus instrumentals. And that's it!!! Ha - But what's not IT is the end of our newfound relationship with one of the most underrated artists to come out of Hip hop music. This is just the first part of an archiving of Carlos Bess' lost material. Watch out - this series could run for a while and hit HARD.....




A1 Madd Luv
A2 Heartless
A3 Higher
A4 Heartless (Instrumental)

B1 The Light
B2 My Life
B3 Madd Luve (C-12 Laboratories Remix)
B4 The Light (Instrumental)




Price is £29.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


So heres the scoop - There will be 300 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Green Pearl mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Green, Clear and Black mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 150 are on traditional black vinyl


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This story begins around 1992 in a  basement of a house in Central Islip in Long Island, NY. The house belonged to an aunt of J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E member, one Curt Cazal. Curt's cousin, three years his junior had fixed up the basement with a barbershop chair and a bunch of his high school friends would hang out down there when they got out of school and on the weekends. Curt and his cousin would cut hair in the style of the day and cats would hang out the whole afternoon checkin music on the radio or listen to mixtapes on a boom box. If an instrumental came on, an impromtu cypher might start up and Curt had the opportunity to check out a lot of young, local talent. Since J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E had been in a deal for several years, Curt was always looking to put on local C.I. talent and get them heard and signed up to labels. It was at one of these fade-n-rap gatherings that he heard a local 18 year old MC rhyme for the first time.

Keith Murray had some minor experience in the Rap biz. His uncle had been a bodyguard for Big Daddy Kane and he had gone along to a few shows with him. One time Kane was playing at the Nassau Colliseum and he was taken along with a few of his cousins to see the show. His uncle Born would usually encourage the young upstart to spit rhymes for his buddies but at this show he took him backstage and had him perform for the whole Juice Crew. That was his very first experience fraternising with rap pro's.

As we all know J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E had a deal with Idlers (a subsidiary of Warlock). Idlers had a made a lot of money selling The Jungle Brothers on to Warners after "Straight Out the Jungle" dropped, so they were investing in a lot of fresh, new acts. Curt had a deal with Idlers and played them the "Cause I'm Keefy Keef" joint he had written with Keith. He managed to get an advance from them to record several more tracks with the L.I MC. Curt still had commitmnents with J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E who were in the deal with Big Beat Records at that time (see the 2 J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E records we dropped with the unreleased deal material!). Due to a combination of touring, recording and Keith wanting to get his shit poppin, the rest of the Keefy tracks were never fully completed. Around this time Keef met and then signed with Erick Sermon and got features on Sermon's "No Pressure" album on "Hostile" and "Swing It Over Here" - and the rest is history. He becomes part of the Def Squad crew along with EPMD and Redman and drops his debut album and single "The Most Beautifullest Thing In This World" on Jive in 1994.

Now, we've been working with Curt since last year (2012) when we dropped the first of the J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E records and in early 2013 we worked together on the Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - Makin Moves 1994 EP. We inquired about the Keefy Keef joints and discovered that all that was left of them were some old Ampex reels (see the sticker art). Curt grabbed an old 8-Track to preview the tracks which he hadn't revisited for over 20 years. On listening he came to the conclusion that the tracks weren't clean enough for conversion and release, so he took the very risky step of "baking" the tapes to bring them back to life.


What we have for you is something very special indeed. The baking process was indeed successful and 5 tracks + 1 acapella were salvaged. We have the original demo version of 'Three's Company" which appeared on the [bootleg & bootleg of the bootleg] 12", but this version has an unheard verse by Curt at the beginning of the track. We also have the version "Cause I'm Keefy Keef" that was "released'. But that's not all - we have 3 amazing bonus joints that have never been heard/leaked: Flow Swifty + Acapella, Lethal Dosage and what was surely destined to be a hit single, "Thoughts My Brain Consume". This archiving process and the results we have achieved is one of the highlights of all the work we've been doing over the past few years. So please, grab an L or an OE brew, chill the f*ck out and BLAST these snippets real loud and check out the very first recordings of Keith "Keefy Keef" Murray.......KA-BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!



A1 Three's Company (Original Demo)
A2 Thoughts My Brain Consumes
A3 Flow Swiftly

B1 Cause I'm Keefy Keef (Demo)
B2 Lethal Dosage
B3 Flow Swiftly (Acapella)

All tracks produced, engineered and mixed by Curt Cazal @ Northshore Soundworks, Commack, NY 1992.



Price is £29.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


So heres the scoop - There will be 300 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Clear and Black mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Silver & Purple mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 150 are on traditional black vinyl


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