2013 Da Minds of Soul - Suffa Da Consequences EP


The final Herring catch of 2012 is one worth the weight yo. Following on from Da Henchmen and North Bronx Alliance we have another hugely in demand 90's Indie Grail. We've been gettin emails for well over a year for unreleased Da Minds of Sol ish and after much discussion with the group we've managed to get that dope on plastic. Check the interview below for some more info:


What he have here is both tracks from the very rare and extremely costly 1997 12" on 5th Dynasty 'Blinded by theLight' and 'Holocaust Part II' as well as four never heard, never released joints from the mythical 'Suffa DaConsequences' album.




A1 Ink Wars
A2 Ill Type
A3 Blinded By The Light

B1 Elements Transform
B2 Holocaust Pt 2 feat. Nasih
B3 WhoDoesHeBe

All tracks produced by ILL Produc'. Lyrics by Da Unforgiven & Da Organizer. All tracks written by Flemming, Jameson & Quddus, except B2 which is written by Flemming, Jameson, Quddus & Born.
Recorded at the Valley of the Dead studios, Philadelphia, PA 1995-1997


Price is £29.99 + shipping (6.50gbp in Europe or 8gbp in USA/Oz/Asia)


So heres the scoop - There will be 300 copies pressed ONLY.
The first 75 copies are on Clear with Blue swirl mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Black with Blue swirl mixed colour vinyl
And the remaining 150 are on traditional black vinyl

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