2011-2012 Natural Elements - Lost Demos Series

"What more can I say?"


What about, slept on? Or, exceptional lyrical talent?. Dope Production? Prolific? Freestyling? No-album-releasing! L-Swift, Mr Voodoo, KA and on the boards beatmaker extraordinaire, Charlemagne? Jay Smooth's 'Underground Railroad' show? Stretch and Bobbito's WNYU show? The Def Jam demo! The Tommy Boy Demo! All the low quality Youtube rips of the demos!! The EP on Fortress. The Come off Hard 12". Dope mic skills at the age of 15??? The Bronx. The Bootlegs. The B-Lines. Water, Air, Earth and Fire? Rumours. Cult followings. Unsigned contracts, Underrated talents and Unreleased bangers. Underground Hip Hop. Under-achieving? Un-til NOW....


Chopped Herring Records has the pleasure of crow-barring open the archives of THE greatest Hip Hop crew that the world never fully experienced. After much diggin' we can now present the first part in a series of releases from these archives. Four of the following six joints appeared on the boys 1995 Def Jam Demo tape and ya know what, Russell's loss is Herring's gain! And the track 'Puttin in Work' featured on L-Swift's solo demo tape from 1993. Soooooo, peep tha realness:



Natural Elements - The Lost Demos Vol 1

A1 I Got Your Heart
A2 Triple Team
A3 Every Day

B1 Life Ain't Fair (Original)
B2 Mr Voodoo - Machine Gun Fire
B3 L-Swift - Puttin in Work (Demo Tape Version)

All tracks produced by Charlemagne except 'Machine Gun Prayer' which is produced by LDR Louie Ortiz.
Tracks A1,A2,A3,B1 recorded 1995. B2 in 1999. B3 in 1993.


And here we go again.....

Back to the most requested project we've had on Chopped Herring - the CHNE series!! Over the last year we've been exploring more avenues than a Google Earth van, following up more leads than Crufts and bothering more NYC Hip Hop luminaries than a blogger with a serious insecurity complex. It took us over a year to dig up the Lost Demos Vol 1 EP material last time - None of the group had any of the old tracks. I hassled them day and night - Did you ask him? Did he reply to your email? SHOW ME YOUR INBOX!!!! Then one day, AT LEAST a year after starting up the project, L-Swift told us that an ex-associate of the group had turned up some DATS at his mom's house. When we heard them we FLIPPED. The resulting EP was fresh - 2 unheard, unleaked BOMBS and one of the most popular, never released NE joints 'I Got Your Heart' off the original studio DATS - BOOM! Soon after that we turned up an original L-Swift demo tape that had recently been given to L by an NYC head. We used the cassette for the 'Puttin in Work' track, the Mr Voodoo joint Machine Gun Prayer came directly from him and the rest were from the elusive DAT.



Now we have had the cassette joints re-mastered at a different facility than the last EP we did (always thought Puttin in Work couldve been better) and now we can proudly present 2 other tracks from that tape: 'Relax' and 'Don't Sleep' both produced by Charlemagne in 1993. We can assure you that NO OTHER BETTER VERSIONS will ever come out on vinyl - the originals are LOST and all that remains is the demo tape, so if you hear the odd bit of vocal distortion sorry cats, but its the only surviving source!

We have also been given 'Yes Yes Y'all' by L which was a radio promo recorded in 1994 for DJ Mayhem's show on 89.1 fm. That track was used to open the show for months and became an NYC underground Hip Hop radio show favourite, but was never released. We have also included the instrumentals to 3 of the tracks of our Lost Demo's EP after lots of heads requested them: 'I Got Your Heart', 'Life Aint Fair (Original) and 'Every Day'.As this is pretty much an instrumental EP with 3 bonus demo tracks we are charging our instrumental price for it. Hope you dig it!!

Peep the tracks:

A1 L-Swift - Relax (Demo Tape Version)
A2 L-Swift - Don't Sleep (Demo Tape Version)
A3 Yes Yes Y'all (Radio Version)

B1 I Got Your Heart (Instrumental)
B2 Life Aint Fair (Instrumental)
B3 Every Day (Instrumental)

Price is £14.99 + shipping

So heres the scoop - There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

The first 75 copies are on Black/Silver mixed colour vinyl
The next 75 are on Turquoise colour vinyl
And the remaining 200 are on traditional black vinyl

!!!!!!!!COP THE BLACKS QUICK!!!!!!!!!!

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