2008 Señor Soul Hijacked 45

In 2007 Golf had found a load of vinyl deadstock in Indiana from the old LA label Double Shot/Whiz Recs. The company had gone out of business in the early 1970s and the stock had been sat in a warehouse since then. Included in the find were 50 sealed copies of the much respected Psych album by Count Five  'Psychotic Reaction' from 1966, as well as 500 copies of the Señor Soul 45 'It's Your Thing', a cover version of the Isley Brothers classic from 1969. Señor Soul was the precursor to the hugely influential funk group War and several members made it into the first War line up.

Golf wanted to repeat his 2001 idea that he had with the Daydream record but to apply it to 350 copies instead of the 60 copies. Looking to make a comment on sampling and the prevalence of remastering and licensing in the music industry, Golf hijacked the 45, stuck Chopped Herring Records logos (by hand) over each copy and changed the songwriting credits to include his own name in between two of the three Isley brothers. It is one of the only truly satirical vinyl releases ever 'made' and while it was the musical content that made this release sell, it was always, at its core, about the comedy and copyright satire values. In fact it caught the eye of heavyweight intellectual copyright botherer Kembrew McLeod a University of Iowa professor and Rolling Stone magazine critic who proclaimed of the project: "If Marcel Duchamp were alive today, he'd be doing the "Funky Chicken" around his urinal".