2006-2007 MC Paul Barman, Kool Keith & Memory Man

Sometime early in 2004 Golf had contacted one of his favourite Hip Hop lyricists of the period MC Paul Barman , wanting him to hear Three Sinister Syllables and in particular the reference to Paul's track 'How Hard Is That'. Paul's debut 7" release 'Postgraduate Work' was fetching 100gbp+ on Ebay and his second release the very excellent 'It's Very Stimulating' EP was produced entirely by Prince Paul (De La Soul/Stetsasonic/Handsome Boy Modelling School). In 2002 Paul had released his long-awaited full length album 'Paullelujah' which included production by MF Doom and Prince Paul.


There was an instant rapport. Both had a similar appreciation of humour, art and music and shared a common cultural background. They met up at Barnes & Noble on Union Square one afternoon and spent a good few hours walking around Manhattan talking about Woody Allen, sampling and the plight of Hip Hop music. Golf had put together a showreel of various beats by Danny Grapes (Chopps Derby) and Jay Glaze (who around 2004 was still in the fold). Barman was feeling several of these tracks and chose one of Danny's beats to drop verses on. That track 'Happy September 11th' was released online on September 11th 2005 for one day only to some underground internet acclaim.

Golf and Barman stayed in constant contact and in late 2006 Barman played Golf a track produced by ex Edan producer Memory Man called 'Live from Death Row'. Memory Man (Eli) had lived in Boston sharing accomodation with Edan for 5 years during and after their term at Berkelee College of Music.

    He had produced the beat for Edan's track 'Key Bored' from his debut album 'Primitive Plus' and had pressed up 'Live from Death Row',the debut 12" for his own label Angry Bee Recs, but hadn't looked for any distribution. Golf encouraged Traffic Distribution in the States to pick up on the 12" and then pressed up a UK release including an extra track 'No Smoking in the Gas Chamber' on Chopped Herring Records.

Later that year the two labels jointly released another 12" by Memory Man featuring Ultramagnetic MC's and Dr Octagon legend Kool Keith. Both 12's registered highly on the underground Hip Hop scene and Memory Man began work on the forthcoming MC Paul Barman LP 'Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud''.