2000-2002 Jay Glaze feat. Rod Hotley - Out to Lunch

On returning from America Chubby approached Jake (Glaze) and Matt (previously known as ADHD and Ash Trai, soon to be known as Rod Hotley) about releasing a 12" on a new label he wanted to start. Both were raring to put music out again. They had seemingly wasted the last couple of years on The Idiots project and had written over 50 tracks that wouldnt see the light of day. Something had to happen.

All three had many musical 'opinions' in common. All were bored of the Manchester scene, all rated classic AND underground/independent Hip Hop, all were into breaks and probably the most important factor, all had a similar sense of humour and political outlook. Everyone was hyped about releasing a single that summed up how they were feeling about Hip Hop music, the state of the music industry and the state of Britain. They began to build up a small body of work secretively, away from the gaze of the parasitical Manchester music scene (as they saw it). One of those tracks 'Out to Lunch' would become a home grown UK Hip Hop anthem....

On the flip of the debut 12" was a 12 minute cut n paste track entitled 'Double Glazing' written by Jay Glaze and Pro Celebrity Golf (Chubby Grooves) over a period of months utilising a whole host of breaks, samples and cuts.

This project was the precursor to the cut n paste monster 'Three Sinister Syllables', in fact, a couple of sections not used for 'Double Glazing' were the starting points for 'Three Sinister Syllables'. The 12" was mixed by Manchester sound guru Wai Wan as a favour for scratches Chubby supplied for his album a few years before.

Chubby did the shop-to-shop thing and without the aid of a distributor used his years of experience working in the record biz to get the release picked up and on the shelves of the UK's leading independent Hip Hop-stocking record stores. The 12" was well received by the UK Hip Hop fraternity selling out most of the 500 copies in a matter of weeks, the lengendary Mr Bongo Records (RIP) selling the most.

It was included on several mixtapes and lauded as a major contribution to the UK Hip Hop scene (even though from Manchester,yo regional Hip Hop wasn't a big deal back then!) and was often pronounced as one of the dopest comedy Hip Hop cuts to date. The flip 'Double Glazing' featured in Big Daddy Magazine's Top 10 Best Cut n Paste tracks of all time and the boys went back into the studio to write the next release finally satisfied after many years of work that they had found an audience that 'got it' to play to.