Shylow - Please Listen To My Demos CD

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1 Intro
2 Religious Sacrifice
3 Manic Depressive
4 From Parts Unknown
5 Back Again
6 More Than Life (Original Version)
7 CIUT 89.5 Freestyle
8 6th Alias (Extended Version)
9 Painful (Interlude)
10 Restitution (Original Version)
11 96 Degrees
12 From Parts Unknown Pt. II
13 The Champion (Mixtape Intro)
14 Split Personality
15 Who'z Dope (Mixtape Intro)
16 Reign Supreme ft Silent
17 Doin This
18 Outro




Format: CD
Year: 2018
Price: £10.99 + Shipping from  UK (see below for your region)


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