DJ Cash Money - Fly Fishing Vol 4 [Limited Cassette]

Item image: DJ Cash Money - Fly Fishing Vol 4 [Limited Cassette] - Chopped Herring Records Store


1) Ill Conscious - What They Need
2) S.L.I.M. Rockwell - Selectah
3) Willie The Kid - The Guilt
4) Da Ghetto Connect - Ego
5) Ill Conscious - Represent To The Fullest
6) Napoleon Da Legend - Ghetto Mosque
7) Tuff Crew - Philly Style
8) Y@k Ballz - TCK
9) Zigg Zagg - You Know My Style
10) Ghettolandz - Can He Come Out
11) Godfather Don - Homicide
12) MC Gels - Pray
13) Shabazz - Lidushopahorraz
14) Junior Mafia ft. Biggie Smalls - Steal & Rob
15) Meyhem & Bronson - Typhoon Rap
16) Cenobites - Cold Peein On Em (Remix)
17) Timeless Truth ft Your Old Droog - Russian Rock Hammers
18) S.L.I.M. Rockwell - What He Say
19) Massive Stuff - Suspect
20) Meyhem Lauren - Flexxin
21) Blitz ft. Prodigy - Pushin Off The Lead
22) Hell Razah - Tissue Ass Niggaz
23) Hell Razah - Rampage
24) Absolute Value - Rip Wreck Shop
25) Class A Felony -Papa Don't Play
26) Too Poetic - Ruff Son Of A Gun
27) Stetsasonic - Funk Around



Format: Cassette
Year: 2017
Price: £8.99 + Shipping from  UK (see below for your region)


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