Penpals - The Catch-Up Bundle

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Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - Made for the Underground LP

A1 Fanfare
A2 New Fiyah
A3 Oh Yes!
A4 STFU Remix
A5 Grade A
A6 Live & Direct
A7 Busy

B1 Swift With The Rhymes
B2 Hot Jazz
B3 Inject Your Eardrum
B4 Smooth
B5 Drop the Beat
B6 Finefare
B7 Rockin' Funky Lyrics



Slipmat Brothers & Penpals - Oh Yes! 33rpm 7"

A1 Oh Yes!
A2 Oh Yes! (Instrumental)
B1 Oh Yes! (Original)
B2 Oh Yes! (Original Instrumental]


Squires, The Cynic, & Rapswell are...PEN PALS - Pen Pals LP


A1 Snatchblasters
A2 The Comeback
A4 You Know The Deal
A5 Blue

B1 Burners
B2 Filthy Animals
B3 R Crumb
B4 Posse Cut
B5 Pen Pals Outro



OG Aborigines - Rice Krispy Treats LP


A1 The Proof
A2 Rice Krispy Treats
A3 Raps With A Razor
A4 OG'z
A5 Make Your Speakers Pop
A6 Cadbury

B1 Rack Wappers
B2 Bad Mutha feat. Jamii Bass
B3 Demo Shoppin feat Cynic The Apache
B4 1994
B5 Krunchtime 4 Your Mind



Format: 3 x LP + 7"
Year: 2016
Price: £44.99 + Shipping from  UK (see below for your region)



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